#1 Tip To Be A Successful PinUp Model

I’ve been modeling professionally for 14 years and have learned many things, but my number 1 tip to be a successful PinUp model is to be yourself.  I get emails on the daily from girls asking how to become a Pinup model.  I wish I could reply to everyone, but it would be a full time job.  So, I am working on a book right now, that will be give any PinUp model or inspiring PinUp all the answers they could possibly ask and so much more.  Until my book is released here is my number 1 tip, BE YOUSELF!  You would be surprised at the lengths some girls will go to, to try and be me and do what I do.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that I inspire girls to be like me, but some people take it way too far and its hurting them instead of helping them.  There are girls that follow every move I make, use my exact photographers, hair and makeup artists, location, and wardrobe to try and copy exact images.  Hit up magazines and jobs right after I work with them, to see if they can do the same thing.  They will change their hair color and get tattoos just thinking it will make them a PinUp model.  They will get with an ex of mine thinking maybe they can give them my secrets or make them a model, they will try and go through my kids, my family, and my friends.  It is crazy, but the craziest I have ever gotten is a girl getting a tattoo to just come in and have me laser it off, and while she was there with me ask me a million questions on how she can become a PinUp model and if I could help her.  It’s so outta hand how far some girls will go, when all you have to do is be yourself, and follow your own dreams.  The world does not need another Sabina Kelley or another Dita Von Teese, or any other big name PinUp model.  Everyone has their own beauty, own uniqueness, their own something everyone else could want, love, and learn from.  Being you is the greatest thing you can be and nobody can ever be you no matter how hard they try.  Being you is something to be proud of.  Take inspiration off of other models and learn from them, but stop trying to follow every move thinking it will make you just like that person, because I promise you it won’t.  The only way to succeed is hard work, having dreams, breaking boundaries, trail blazing, and being something new and unique not a copycat of something that has already been done.  Believe in yourself and you will go farther than you could of ever imagined.  My uniqueness when I first started PinUp modeling was that I was heavily tattooed, and PinUps did not have tattoos, and neither did models at that time.  So, everyone pushed me aside because I was different, but I stuck with it and was just being myself and I did what I loved and dreamed and I made my uniqueness work for me.  I stayed true to myself.  That is the best piece of advice I can give to any inspiring PinUp model, Be Yourself, and be proud to be you!