2018 PinUp Calendar!

The 2018 Sabina Kelley PinUp calendar is now available.  All orders will come signed and have FREE shipping.  It is a 16 month calendar with all brand new never seen before images all shot in Australia by photographer Shannon Brooke and MUAH by Tracie Weaver.  The new calendar has a very 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s vibe, it’s awesome.  Get yours now in the store!  I’d like to thank all the amazing sponsors for this years calendar: Sort This Out Cellars, Reuzel, Cherri Lane, House Of The Broken Dragon, Natanic, Cappaco Photography, Shear Genius Sharpening, Old Time Shine Garage, Los Flamingo, Ginger Rabe Photography and Dak Dak Cafe. Wardrobe in the calendar by: Wheels and Dollbaby, Nylon Swish, El Rodeo, Aqua Swim, Dottie’s Delights, Pleaser and Faster Pussycat.

Model Coach Sydney Australia!

Next weekend April 8th and 9th, we have 1 spot left for our shoot package with photographer Gavin Creative and Sabina Kelley as your model coach in Sydney, Australia.  This shoot package is for first timers all the way up to professionals.  The theme for this one is girls and cars, so we will have incredible cars for you to shoot with.  We will have professional hair and makeup to doll you all up, you just need to bring your own wardrobe.  Please email Gavin for all details at

Tips & Tricks Session Brisbane

Tips & Tricks is now going to have a class on April 29th from 10am-1pm at the Hamilton Hotel, 442 Kingsford Smith Drive, Hamilton, Australia.  The cost is $100  and your ticket can be booked at
Celebrity pinup model, Sabina Kelley and noted photographer, Shannon Brooke are pleased to be offering this discussion session to all artists, and are excited to meet everyone.  They are very passionate about being able to share what they have learned over the years, and inspire artists to keep at it!  This session is open to photographers, models, hobbyists, hair stylists, burlesque dancers, and makeup artists…of all levels.  We want to make sure everyone knows we will be covering a broad amount of info that will encompass all of these interests.
The session is $100 and includes:
1. Open Question and Answer Session with Sabina Kelley & Shannon Brooke
2. Sabina and Shannon will cover the following topics:
    a. set etiquette
    b. contracts/model releases
    c. copyright
    d. modeling tips, pre-photoshoot prep
    e. beginners advice (getting started)
        • how to approach TFP shoots
        • why you should pay talent for certain shoots
    f. How we each got our start in the industry
If you have any questions, please email us: or 

Kids Being Kids!

I recently made one of the biggest decisions of my life to move my kids and myself to Australia.  It was a hard decision because I love America, but it was one of the best decisions I have ever made for our family.  I was not stoked on raising my kids in Vegas.  My oldest was just starting to get herself into trouble, and I know she could do that anywhere but Vegas especially has more temptations, hence the name Sin City!  I was in the spotlight a lot and my kids were around a lot of my celebrity friends kids, and I felt they were growing up too fast and with a false sense of reality. They were expecting to have everything handed to them and not learning the real value of anything. My daughter thought the Kardashians was the way life is supposed to be.   I was traveling so much for work and had a nanny helping me with the kids.  All I wanted was to focus on my family, get the kids straight with morals and reality, and give them a stable life as a real family. I met the man of my dreams who stepped up to help me raise these kids and we made the decision that the kids would have a better life in Australia.  We have been out here two and a half months now, and our stuff that was coming over on a boat still is not here.  So, the kids have not had their computers, iPads, or video games, and we have not boughten them their new phones yet.  So, they have been loosing their minds about it.  They can use my phone to call anyone they need to or  get online, but they don’t have their own to just sit on all day and night.  That’s when I realized how obsessed kids are these days about their phones, iPads, video games, and computers.  My kids would sit on those and never go outside and be a kid.  They never had to go out and meet the neighbors and be creative and play, like we had to do when we were kids.  Those were some of my best memories I have as a kid, running around the neighborhood with all the neighborhood kids playing hide and go seek, or riding bikes until it got dark and the street lights came on and everyone had to go home.  My kids have never done that.  So this is the first time in my life that I have truly seen my kids play because they have no choice.  They have had to play with friends outside, and I have never seen them have so much fun in their life.  My oldest daughter isn’t acting like she’s 18 anymore, she’s acting her own age and it is the best thing to see.  Kids need to be kids and not grow up so fast.  All of this has made me learn that I need to put strict rules on the amount of time the kids can be on all the electronics.  Being a good parent is the hardest job ever, but it is the best job.  I’m putting my family first and doing everything I can to let my kids be kids as long as they can.  It’s the simple things in life like nature, smiles, friends, and happiness that are the most beautiful and will build memories for life.  If you have a kid that is on their electronics too much, I suggest take them away for a week.  They will be pissed at you, but thank you later when they realize what they are missing out on just being a kid and how much fun that is.

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