Nashville Boogie

Nashville I’m coming back!  I will be signing and taking pics with fans at one of my favorite shows in the US, Nashville Boogie.  The Boogie is May 18th-21st in Nashville, Tennessee and it is 90 acts on 5 stages over 4 days at 3 venues.  There is also a PinUp pageant, fashion show, and car show.  I have been two years, and I LOVE IT!  I will be signing the 19th and 20th at the indoor car show at the Opryland Hotel.  It is just $5.00 to get in, or free with a festival pass.  Get your festival pass now at

Tips & Tricks Session Brisbane

Tips & Tricks is now going to have a class on April 29th from 10am-1pm at the Hamilton Hotel, 442 Kingsford Smith Drive, Hamilton, Australia.  The cost is $100  and your ticket can be booked at
Celebrity pinup model, Sabina Kelley and noted photographer, Shannon Brooke are pleased to be offering this discussion session to all artists, and are excited to meet everyone.  They are very passionate about being able to share what they have learned over the years, and inspire artists to keep at it!  This session is open to photographers, models, hobbyists, hair stylists, burlesque dancers, and makeup artists…of all levels.  We want to make sure everyone knows we will be covering a broad amount of info that will encompass all of these interests.
The session is $100 and includes:
1. Open Question and Answer Session with Sabina Kelley & Shannon Brooke
2. Sabina and Shannon will cover the following topics:
    a. set etiquette
    b. contracts/model releases
    c. copyright
    d. modeling tips, pre-photoshoot prep
    e. beginners advice (getting started)
        • how to approach TFP shoots
        • why you should pay talent for certain shoots
    f. How we each got our start in the industry
If you have any questions, please email us: or 

Limited Edition 2017 Calendar!

The Sabina Kelley 2017 Limited Edition Calendar is available now.  It is a gorgeous 12 month calendar shot by the amazing Shannon Brooke.  This calendar is extra special this year and marks the 10th anniversary of Shannon and I working together.  The calendar comes signed and has free shipping worldwide.  It has incredible hair and makeup by my dream team Jennifer Corona and Danielle June, and I’d like to thank all of the sponsors this year: Deadbeat Magazine, Reuzel, Cherri Lane, Jessie J Inspirations, Sort This Out Cellars, Tooth Kandy, Cappaco Photography, House of the Broken Dragon, Natanic, Mad Ball Tattoos, John Van Houten, and Shear Genius Sharpening.  Grab your calendar now in the store, there is only 500 available worldwide.


Booking USA Dates!

It’s true I will be in the USA and available for photoshoots, hosting events, signings, and tv appearances.  I am booking for Dec. 29th-Jan. 18th anywhere in the USA if it’s a big job, but I will mainly be in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Nashville, San Diego, and San Luis Obispo.  I am available to host on New Years Eve, or do a shoot for your new Ad campaign, if you are interested at all please email me for my rates at  serious inquiries only please.



Gaze T-Shirt!

The Gaze T-shirt is another addition to the Sabina Kelley Collection.  It is a black t-shirt that comes in sizes M-2XL.  The front of the shirt is a black and white pic of Sabina Kelley, and the back of the shirt has the classic “S” logo and Sabina Kelley written on it at the neck.  This shirt is available now in the store!



Sailor’s Dream Raglans!

Dropping now is the 1st piece in my Sabina Kelley Collection.  It’s called Sailor’s Dream and it’s a unisex 3/4 sleeve raglan shirt.  I have it in sizes XS-2XL.  The sleeves are navy and the front of the shirt has an old school style 50’s  magazine cover feel.  It says PIN UP Modern Day Beauties, A Sailor’s Dream, and In This Issue: Girls, Tattoos, and Cars.  It also has a sexy sailor style PinUp pic of me on it.  The back of the shirt has my classy “S” logo and Sabina Kelley written up at the neck.  Grab your shirt now in the store.



Telethon Charity Event in Perth Australia

On October 15th and 16th Nixx and I will be at the Telethon Charity event, Rock-Rattle & Roll Festival in Perth Australia.  It is at Waneroo Showgrounds and there will be bands, a car show, charity ride, vintage collective markets, kids rides and a tattoo competition.  We will be there both days and I will be signing, taking pics with fans and selling all my new merchandise.  We look forward to seeing you there.  For more information please check out the website


London Tattoo Convention

It is official I will be the special guest for the London International Tattoo Convention September 23rd-25th at Tobacco Dock.  This convention is one of the most prestigious and respected conventions in the world.  It has over 400 of the world’s finest tattoo artists.  It is the 12th year for this convention and it is the best.  You can find out more information on it at  I will be there signing, taking pics with fans, selling merchandise, and giving out the awards.  I hope to see you there!


Sabina Kelley PinUp Die Cut Sticker Pack

I have had fans begging me to bring out stickers for years, and now I finally have a sticker pack!  Just added to my store is the Sabina Kelley PinUp Die Cut Sticker Pack.  It comes with 7 stickers for $10.00.  Go grab yourself one today!

IMG_3080 IMG_3090

#1 Tip To Be A Successful PinUp Model

I’ve been modeling professionally for 14 years and have learned many things, but my number 1 tip to be a successful PinUp model is to be yourself.  I get emails on the daily from girls asking how to become a Pinup model.  I wish I could reply to everyone, but it would be a full time job.  So, I am working on a book right now, that will be give any PinUp model or inspiring PinUp all the answers they could possibly ask and so much more.  Until my book is released here is my number 1 tip, BE YOUSELF!  You would be surprised at the lengths some girls will go to, to try and be me and do what I do.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that I inspire girls to be like me, but some people take it way too far and its hurting them instead of helping them.  There are girls that follow every move I make, use my exact photographers, hair and makeup artists, location, and wardrobe to try and copy exact images.  Hit up magazines and jobs right after I work with them, to see if they can do the same thing.  They will change their hair color and get tattoos just thinking it will make them a PinUp model.  They will get with an ex of mine thinking maybe they can give them my secrets or make them a model, they will try and go through my kids, my family, and my friends.  It is crazy, but the craziest I have ever gotten is a girl getting a tattoo to just come in and have me laser it off, and while she was there with me ask me a million questions on how she can become a PinUp model and if I could help her.  It’s so outta hand how far some girls will go, when all you have to do is be yourself, and follow your own dreams.  The world does not need another Sabina Kelley or another Dita Von Teese, or any other big name PinUp model.  Everyone has their own beauty, own uniqueness, their own something everyone else could want, love, and learn from.  Being you is the greatest thing you can be and nobody can ever be you no matter how hard they try.  Being you is something to be proud of.  Take inspiration off of other models and learn from them, but stop trying to follow every move thinking it will make you just like that person, because I promise you it won’t.  The only way to succeed is hard work, having dreams, breaking boundaries, trail blazing, and being something new and unique not a copycat of something that has already been done.  Believe in yourself and you will go farther than you could of ever imagined.  My uniqueness when I first started PinUp modeling was that I was heavily tattooed, and PinUps did not have tattoos, and neither did models at that time.  So, everyone pushed me aside because I was different, but I stuck with it and was just being myself and I did what I loved and dreamed and I made my uniqueness work for me.  I stayed true to myself.  That is the best piece of advice I can give to any inspiring PinUp model, Be Yourself, and be proud to be you!