Model Coaching Themed Photoshoots Nov/Dec!

Right now my team and I will be offering two different themed special rate photoshoot packages one for November and one for December.  They will both be in Las Vegas.  November 20th & 21st will be a Boudoir shoot in a beautiful suite.  December 10th & 11th will be a Holiday PinUp shoot in a vintage retro Vegas home, decorated for Christmas.  Both shoots have limited spots available.  There is no experience necessary.  MichelleXStar will be the photographer, Chris Montoya will be doing hair and makeup, and I will be model coaching.  This is the perfect chance to take sexy pics for your partner for a Christmas present, or just take amazing pics for yourself to have.  It is also a chance for partners to surprise your loved one with a photoshoot with our dream team, and let them get glammed up, be a model for the day, learn a thing or two, and get amazing pics to show for it.  Please email for more details about either shoot.  Remember if you want to book a photoshoot with my team and I that is on a day you want and a theme you want that is totally possible.  Please email me for details.  🙂