Nashville Boogie Model Coaching!

NASHVILLE!  I will be Model Coaching at the Nashville Boogie this year with photographer MichelleXStar and makeup and hair by Ava Couture Beauty.  It will be May 19th-22nd and there is only a couple of spots available each day.  The location is East Side Bowl in Nashville, Tennessee. The theme will be bowling, diner, bar, arcade and we will even have a few cars to shoot with one of the days.  There is no experience necessary and there is also guaranteed publication.  Please email for special package rates and more details.

Viva Las Vegas Model Coaching Photoshoots!

Want me to Model Coach you? The next theme we are doing is Old Hollywood Glam!  Think George Hurrell style black and white photography, and Veronica Lake.  Very 1940’s Hollywood.  This will be on Wednesday April 13th ,Thursday April 14th is already sold out.  This is during the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender in Las Vegas.  Location is not too far from the Orleans Casino.  My dream team is professional photographer MichelleXStar, celebrity hair and makeup artist Chris Montoya, and model coaching by me, International PinUp Model Sabina Kelley!  We have limited spots available so grab your spot quick.  Everyone is welcome and no experience is necessary.  This is all about building confidence, having fun, and learning a thing or two, while getting the most incredible pictures and experience out of it.  Please email for more details and our special rates packages.

Valentines PinUp Model Coaching Special Rates Photoshoot Packages!

NOW BOOKING!  My Valentines PinUp model coaching special rates photoshoot packages.  My team and I are doing two dates only.  They are January 14th & 16th in Las Vegas at the beautiful Luxe Vegas retro styled house.  MichelleXStar will be the photographer, Chris Montoya will be doing hair and makeup, and I will be model coaching.  We have limited spots available, and there is no experience necessary.  Build confidence, have fun, get gorgeous pics out of it, and learn a thing or two.  This is also the perfect chance to surprise your partner with sexy pics for Valentines Day.  Or to give your partner this package to experience getting pampered, glammed up, and doing a professional photoshoot.   Please email for more details.  Remember if you want to book a photoshoot with my team and I that is on any day you want, and a theme you want, that is totally possible.  Please email me for details.  🙂